Reiver Instruments - Traditional Luthiers

My Approach

I hand craft stringed instruments using traditional methods, the highest quality materials, and where ever possible I try to source local tonewoods. The back of the inlaid cello you can see in the gallery is carved from Mid-Lothian sycamore.

When I make to commission, all timber is chosen by the player to create the instrument of their dreams that sounds, looks and plays just as they want it.

Reiver Instruments - Luthiers

My Story

I moved to beautiful Cumbria in 2014 and established Reiver Instruments. Based about half way between Carlisle and Penrith in Cumbria, my workshop is an idyllic countryside location. Here I make a range of acoustic stringed instruments, that includes both the orchestral stringed instrument family, and acoustic, classical and archtop guitars.

Reiver Instruments - Narelle Freeman bridge

About Narelle Freeman

I have been a luthier for a bit over two decades and began by volunteering as an apprentice in a violin shop back home in Australia. I graduated from the Newark School of Violin Making in 2002, have taught violin making and repair at Chapel Violins and the Newark School, and I was a Trustee for the Rowan Armour-Brown Trust. I am a member of the British Violin Makers Association, Guild of American Luthiers, and the Galpin Society for the study of musical instruments.

Reiver Instruments - Traditional Lutherie News

Latest News

I am currently making a cello that is inspired by Matteo Goffriller's work and one instrument in particular - the 1730 cello played by the late and great Johannes Goritzki, which is currently being played by Sheku Kanneh-Mason. I was very fortunate to have had met Johannes and he was very kind to let me photograph and measure his cello. These resources continue to guide my hands and eye as I carve.

Have the guitar of your dreams made to your spec

If you are like me, you dream of owning all sorts of guitars, but haven't found 'the next one' available in shops?

You can have a guitar hand-crafted to your specifications made from pieces of timber that you have chosen. It is a great way to get that guitar of your dreams. Even if you just want to have a chat just to get an idea of how it might work then please do drop me an email - I'm Australian so I'm very approachable and everything is 'no worries'!