Please accept my sincerest apologies but we aren't able to take on any further work at the moment.
We hope to be able to accept new repairs and restorations later in the year and will post notification here.
Thank you to all our customers for your patience!


Instrument Making

In making our instruments we use the same tools and methods of the old masters such that Stradivari himself could walk into the workshop and make a violin. However there are some very important things that have changed since then....

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Set-ups and Repairs

We know how important your instrument is to you and most importantly, how well it sounds and plays.  Every instrument in our workshop is treated with the highest level of care and professional skill to get it playing its best... while also respecting your budget!

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Why traditional lutherie?

There are many people out there in the world of the web who post their exploits in unplugged woodwork, and there is some pretty amazing work going on!

We choose to make instruments the traditional way because we too enjoy the process, have a passion for the craft and we also gain a sense of real achievement in creating an instrument by hand.

Reiver Instruments - guitar luthier

Sustainable Timbers

One of the biggest issues of our time is sustainability of our resources and this applies just as much to instrument making. If we want to continue making instruments out of wood for generations to come we have to act now.

A project doing just that is the Crelicam ebony sawmill in Cameroon. Owned by Madinter timber supplies of Madrid and Taylor Guitars, these guys are leading the way in supporting local communities to look after and regenerate their forests. The result is truly inspiring and you can see and read all about it at the Crelicam website.

ebony trees & timber

The Book!

Narelle is currently writing a book called Spruce & Strings which is all about lutherie's journey and the stories behind the making of great musical instruments.

So far the research has uncovered some crazy stories of how and why violins and guitars have evolved... or not.

We will post further details here about when and where the book is available, but if you would like to be updated by email, please contact us.

Spruce & strings A6 portrait

Visit the workshop...

We love to have visitors! Here in the middle of a small Cumbrian village it is very peaceful with plenty of cows and sheep for company... however we also love to have people join us to talk music and lutherie. You are welcome any time if you have any questions or would just like to see what a luthier's workshop looks like.