Repairs, set-ups, amplification, bow rehairs and restorations

Although the title of this page is simply Repairs the work of a luthier encompasses so much more.
Below are just a few examples of the work carried out in our workshop over the last year or so. If you have any questions regarding any type of lutherie work please do get in touch and we can discuss options and costs that are best for you and your instrument.

Reiver Instruments - guitar set-ups

Our approach

We value every instrument and carry out any repairs or restoration work with the aim of keeping the instrument as original as possible while improving structural integrity for its optimum playing condition. We do not carry out any work unless it is necessary and if we cannot guarantee it, we do not charge for it.

Reiver Instruments - Testore cello repair

Minor repairs and MOTs

Older instruments are vulnerable to cracks and seams opening, worn edgework and set-ups in need a bit of TLC. As an instrument ages there are things to keep an eye on and quite often they are very easily fixed before they become a major issue.

We provide an MOT at no cost just to make sure nothing has changed and that everything is stable.

Reiver Instruments - Classical guitar set-up Ramirez


There are many small things in an instrument's set-up that have a huge impact on how well it sounds and plays.

We can do quite a lot of things while you wait such as lowering a bridge or refitting pegs, however other set-ups may take a little longer. How ever long it does take, we can arrange a time for your instrument to be in the workshop when it is most convenient for you.

Reiver Instruments - Krentz Modulator installed in our cello

Wolf Note Elimination

If your playing has ever suffered at the hands of the nasty wolf note, you will know how much it impacts on your performance... at the back of your mind you are always thinking what will happen as you play through that passage. I have personally tried everything and there is only one solution that eliminates the wolf completely and doesn't dampen the tone. It's called a Krentz modulator. Follow this link to visit the Krentz site directly for more info - Krentz String Works

Reiver Instruments - fitting an under saddle piezo pickup


We can install any type of pick-up in your instrument, including even the smallest ukes! There are many choices and some require more work than others to retro-fit so we can chat about what will work best for you.

You can never tell exactly how your instrument will sound with each different pick-up so we are careful to make sure it can be removed without any problem if you change your mind.

Reiver Instruments - Sowden bow hair

Bow rehairs and repairs

We offer bow rehairs and repairs, however if your bow needs specialist restoration then we can put you in touch with a bow maker.

Bow rehairs are £50 and we use the finest Mongolian horse hair from Michael A. Sowden. Again we will need your bow at least overnight so we can arrange a time that suits you best to be without it.

Reiver instruments - Cello restoration 2

Major repairs and restoration

It is the life of a musical instrument to travel, play, hang about and often be in and out of cases, cars and planes... all of which have their risks! We have met many instruments that have amazing stories to tell.

We believe every instrument is worth repairing or restoring, especially if they have been in the family for some time so please get in touch if you have one that looks beyond repair as it is amazing how well they look afterwards. The 2 images below show the before and after of just one corner of a cello that had suffered extensive damage from its global travels.


Please click on an image below to read each instrument's story...


Verbal valuations are free. However these must be done in person as we must be able to see the fine detail and indicators of current condition.

We can also provide written valuations for insurance purposes at a standard cost of £10. This is a straight forward confirmation for the insurers, which details the instrument type, its current condition and the industry standard replacement value.