Wolf note eliminators

Of all the wolf note eliminators on the market there is only one that simultaneously eliminates the wolf note and improves the tone - the Krentz modulator.

Some may reduce the wolf but they often also reduce the tonal quality around the area of the wolf note. I personally used the krentz on my cello and every cellist that has bought one from me has said that it has transformed their playing.

"Wow,  what a difference it makes,  absolutely incredible: there is definitely a focused area about 5" from the bottom of the f hole and to the inside edge of f hole that just absolutely opens up the sound of the cello eliminating the wolf at the same time. The cello seems to get louder!  It is amazing to not hesitate whilst playing the E and F natural on the G string, even the slight wolf I had on the E on the D string seems to have gone!"

Click on the image of the Krentz Modulator to visit the Krentz Stringworks website and see how it works.

Try a Krentz Modulator here

If you purchase a Krentz modulator from us we honour their lifetime guarantee so if at any time in the future you decide you no longer want your Krentz or there is a problem with it, we will refund the full amount of the Krentz itself. If you are close enough to visit our workshop in Cumbria then you are welcome to come and try one on your cello and experience the difference before making a decision.

The cost for a Krentz modulator for cello is currently £120 + £8 for Special Delivery postage in the UK.

We try to keep Krentz modulators for cello in stock at all times, however if we have sold more than anticipated then there may be a few days wait for the next shipment from the USA. Please use the button here to place your order and we will be in touch with an invoice and payment options. We send it out by Special Delivery the same day so you will be playing wolf-free by 1pm the next day!

We accept most types of payment including all major cards.